Funky Foto Contest Week 23


Since the last 2 weeks foto contests were so embarrasingly easy (or so I heard from both Lydia and my wife Lesley!) I thought I’d raise the bar a bit this week. Today’s foto comes again from the wandering eye and camera of none other than the City of Foster City’s own Steve Toler. Thanks Steve! All the rules of the road are available on the left hand margin as well as on the bar above. This weeks winner will receive a $30.00 gift card to Safeway in the Metro Center.  Since it’s been pretty darn easy lately the level of jokes, barbs and semi obnoxious comments have fallen drastically…somehow I think this picture could raise those levels a tad! All correct answers, if any, will be published on Monday morning. All the above mentioned stuff, plus all wrong answers will be published as soon as possible. Have fun!



  1. Hi Jimm … had trouble with my computer at 9am … is this a sign at “Gull Park”?

  2. Is it the sign at “Gull Park”?

  3. SteveTinFC says:

    So THIS is how Humpty Dumpty fell!!! Right here in Foster City from the beak of a sea gull. (All I can come up with on a Friday morning after watching 2 weeks of late night Olympics…)

  4. I think Steve’s onto something. With an olympic theme this week, the plaque is obviously comemerating the first bird to win the shot put in Foster City. The question remains — what practice field was he using.

  5. Jim Minkey says:

    I know it’s early, but I gotta feeling that THIS is going to be the week for no correct answers!

  6. Shot put? I think it looks more like something else a Seagull might drop! Actually when it’s hit my car it felt like a shot put of sorts! Why do I suspect there’s a restaurant nearby this sign?

  7. Jim Minkey says:

    Now That’s pretty gross!! Funny but gross!

    You’re right about the restaurant proximity too.

  8. I think its the sign on the shopping complex at the corner of Beach Park and Marlin. The one with Thai, Chinese/Japanese restaurant, Musicart etc.

  9. Erika Jahnke says:

    The Beach Park Plaza sign?

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