Funky Foto Contest Week 21



Scenic, huh? It’s actually one of the reasons Foster City is a special and unique location here on the Peninsula. Not too many places where you can go out to eat and sit right on the water. This weeks contest is just a little bit different…you’ll have a choice! I want to know either the name of the restaurant in the foreground with the outdoor seating or the covered restaurant in the middle. We know from a past contest what the outdoor establishment on the far end is anyway. Oh, yeah…I want to know the name of this shopping center too. This week’s winner will receive a $30.00 gift card to Cold Stone Creamery in the Metro Center. That’s actually a fair amount of ice cream! Like maybe 2 days worth around our house.

All the rules of the road are available on thje left hand margin and above. All correct answers will be published on Monday morning. Any and all joke (within reason) smart alecky barbs and all wrong answers will be posted immediately. Have fun…and don’t hesitate to offer any and all reviews on the subject locations should you feel the urge to do so! Good luck!


  1. The first restaurant with outdoor seating is Portafino Grill. The you have Mr. Fongs, which is the covered restuarant. Finally, Edqewater Pizza,and chevys is just past that. All at Edgewater Place. Figured I would answer all the questions, since I really like ice cream!

  2. Waterfront Pizza in Edgewater Place.

  3. Edgewater Shopping Center – Portofino Grill

  4. Dana Ferri says:

    is the Japanese restaurant at Edgewater Plaza…I think Fukuya?

  5. Jim Minkey says:

    Alex…Sorry, Waterfront Pizza is not visible in this shot

    Dana…Fukuya is out on Beach Park near Bowditch

    Try again you guys!

  6. Bill Hastings says:

    Mr. Fongs and Portofino Grill in the Edgewater Shopping Center

  7. Jihwon Im says:

    I would have to guess that is Portofino Grill at edgewater plaza. edgewater plaza

  8. Erika Jahnke says:

    Portofino Grill

  9. Mr. Fong’s restaurant?

  10. Jim,

    I think the restaurant in the foreground with the outdoor seating is Portafino Grill and the shopping center is the Edgewater Place Shopping Center. I think the one in the center is Mr Fong’s seafood restaurant.

    I hope that there is a special prize for getting all three right. 🙂


  11. My Big Fat Greek Restaurant at Edgewater Plaza

  12. Jim Minkey says:

    Welcome back Michael! Big Fat Greek is actually sort of obscured in this pic.

  13. Ben P. Yu says:

    Chevys restaurant at Edgewater Plaza.

  14. Larry Shaine says:

    Foster City Coffee Shop, in Edgewater Plaza.
    Say yes.

  15. Jim Minkey says:

    Sorry Larry…FC coffee is on the opposite end next to Chevy’s. Keep trying!

  16. Karen Y. says:

    It’s a Chinese restaurant – Tai Wu restaurant in Edgewater Plaza. They have another one right next to Ranch 99 Market in Foster City Blvd.

  17. Is it Mr. Fong’s at Edgewater Plaza?

  18. Jim Minkey says:

    This is actually kind of a close call Karen! I do think there’s a relationship between Tai Wu and the place at Edgewater I’m thinking of…but it’s not called Tai Wu at Edgewater. Try again!

  19. Karen Y. says:

    I think I got right this time…..It’s Mr Fong’s Restaurant in Edgewater Plaza.

  20. Is it Mr.Fongs Chinese restaurant?

  21. EileenShaine says:

    Mr. Fongs chinese restaurant. Edgewater Plaza.

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