It’s Dead…Well, Maybe Not Quite!

Michael Myers

Did you see any of the Halloween movies? The first one was a classic, done on a very small budget in 1978. At the end the bad guy, Michael Myers, get’s shot 6 times and falls from a second story balcony. Upon looking out the window we discover that Michael is nowhere to be found. There are 9 Halloween Movies and in all but one of them Michael Myers meets some kind of grisly end…only to resurface inexplicably in the next movie. This darn guy just won’t stay dead!

It kind of reminds me of the perpetual discussion about a High School in Foster City. I wrote a post about this topic in early April, Foster City High School…Not and at that time a charter school idea had just been dispatched in Jamie Lee Curtis style by the City Council…and then yesterday I read another article about how another group wanting to build the Magnolia Science Academy, a charter high school, were voted down again on Monday night. I kept thinking “I wonder if the idea was shot several times by sheriff’s deputies, which then fell down a mineshaft, which collapsed when the deputies threw dynamite down it. (Halloween 4, The Return of Michael Myers).

Who know’s? Is dead really ever dead? Never say never…maybe one day a proposal with some real merit will be floated that could be approved. I personally don’t think it’ll ever happen, I think the land in question has more value to the city in other capacities going forward. Until then maybe we can get John Carpenter to film this saga?

Here’s a link to the story:

Charter School Story


  1. Patrick Au-Yeung says:

    Thanks Jim. I’m a fan of your blog.

    Planning to move from SF to FC soon, possibly next year. I understand that the city may have more revenue-generating use for the land. But a good local high school benefits everyone in the community, the land value, and in the end, the city. I think it’s a bit short-sighted to think short-term profit over long term health of a community. Do you agree? Do you think it will never happen because so far there’s no business case compelling enough to motivate the city council to vote for a high school or do you rather it not happen? Like to hear your thoughts.

    Yes, I did read your post about this topic back in April. I have a 3 year old so I have a lot of interest in such things in FC.



  2. Jim Minkey says:

    Patrick, I’m glad you commented! I think I met you at the Art & Wine Fair…Welcome! I probably made light too much of this topic because I know it’s a hot button, it’s just that I don’t remember a time that it hasn’t been discussed…going back to the 70’s. I think the land that’s available now is far too small to build the kind of High School that we probably all think of…like the ones in San Mateo, Burlingame, etc. So the charter school idea is really more like a trade school and even at that it won’t serve many local FC kids anyway, far less than there is here. Most kids will end up going to San Mateo Schools anyway.I completely agree with you that FC really needs a public High School…I’d always heard that it’s the largest community in California without one. A good High School would only enhance our property values too. It’s a shame that this didn’t get resolved 20 years ago. The land necessary is already committed to the Mirabella/Parkview Plaza project, and that’s not going to change and the remaining, much smaller parcel that’s left can’t seem to financially get itself off the ground in a charter school concept. I think the city would rather see a performing arts center or more retail on that site.

    In all fairness, San Carlos is probably the hottest community in the Mid Peninsula right now…and it doesn’t have a public High School either.

  3. It is really a pity to see what happened, especially I happened to watch the whole meeting in TV. I am disappointed by the council’s words, like that they had waited enough. The funny thing is that the precious land would not be available for their decision if the land is not zoned for education. For education, how come they can say that they wait enough. I did not live in foster city long enough to know the history. But, older people do tell that san mateo county’s work to keep foster city in the district in the 80s.

    Still, I do believe even a small land should be used for the school. A small successful school would re-kindle people’s understanding about the value of a school.

    In terms of san carlos, I would not think that people is happy that they lose the choice of a high school. I also wonder what people would think if they were given another opportunity. San Carlos market is hot, but far less than the market of Palo Alot or Cupertino:)

  4. Jim Minkey says:

    Thanks for the comments Alex! I just thought I’d respond to your statement that “older people do tell that San Mateo County’s work to keep Foster City in the district in the 80’s”. Actually, it was the San Mateo school board and people in San Mateo, not the county, that worked hard to keep FC in the district…and I think it was both in the 80’s and 90’s. Foster City wanted out of the district because they wanted a High School…it required a vote in both communities, and Foster City lost. They wanted out of the district for the purpose of building a High School.

    I’ve asked a few people who have a ton of first hand knowledge about this history to comment here…I hope they do! Keep watching these comments.

    San Carlos would love to have it’s own High School again…there’s just nowhere to build it, sort of like FC.

  5. Hi Jim:
    I love your blog!Thanks for all the great and updated information about this city. We loved raising our kids in Foster City and certainly were on board to have a High School here. However,In my humble opinion, it is never going to happen. This isn’t something that has come up once or twice or is a recent need…this subject and been rehashed a zillion times over several years to no, with no place to put a High School, I think it just “ain’t going to happen”.The last of our five children will graduate this year from San Mateo High School which has been a perfect fit for her…the good news is that there are High Schools in San Mateo that are excellent and provide great opportunities for our kids…there are enough grads from Aragon, San Mateo and Hillsdale High Schools to prove that!I am, and will remain, very grateful they had the benefits of the wonderful education they received in Foster City Schools during grade school and middle school. Their experience at these schools has equipped them to succeed wherever they go.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share our experience!

  6. Hi Ronda, thanks for the nice words about san mateo schools. IMHO, I believe that the effort should not stop so long as the last hope about high school still exists. It might fail, but we can say we tried, but we can not beat san mateo’s work.

    The future foster city kids can only go to hillsdale high based on zoning, and there are no school bus service because of budget issues. Foster city residents can see the difference of a top tier high school in the city if they still care about that. Even a small scale high school would make people appreciate that.

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