Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 16

I trust that everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend! I think I need to go on a week long fast, after all I consumed in the last 3 days. Of course, by lunch time today we’ll see how motivated I am for that! Maybe I’ll just have a small salad. Anyway, Friday’s Foto was, in fact, the Foster City Fire Station on Hillsdale and this week’s winner is first timer Asif Suria of Foster City. Asif is the creator of a great stock investment blog that I would encourage you to check out. It’s …sort of an unforgetable URL, huh? Congratulations Asif! He wins a $30.00 gift card to any Cinemark theater. Also answering correctly this week were Dana, Erika, Richard and Sophia! Thanks you guys! See you on Friday.


  1. Thanks Jim. I appreciate the tickets and the plug for the blog.

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