Funky Foto Contest Week 15

Look familiar? I submit to you that it’s the most famous landmark in Foster City…it’s OK to argue that point too. Nothing like the water…it’s what makes Foster City so unique and wonderful. So, tell me…where and what is this place? Submit your answers in the comments below. All the rules of the road are available for your viewing pleasure on the bar above and on the left hand margin. I won’t publish any and all correct answers until Monday morning but I will post all the semi obnoxious retorts and not too subtle jabs and shots that you would like as soon as possible, along with all wrong answers. This weeks winner receives a $30.00 gift card to Luckys Foods at Edgewater Place. Go buy some groceries. Thanks for playing…and good luck!


  1. Bill Hastings says:

    Not sure if I’m still ineligible or not, but it looks like Chevys.

  2. I know about 10 people have got this right already but that is Chevy’s!

  3. Chevy’s!! In the Edgewater Place Shopping Center.

  4. I would have to guess that is Portofino Grill. Had lunch there last week. Yum!

  5. I like it too..but sorry, that’s not it. Keep trying though!

  6. Dana Ferri says:

    I know I’m ineligible, but…looks like Chevy’s to me!

  7. I grew up looking at that place current restaurant is Chevy’s, On the waterfront (I bused tables there) before that & then I believe it was called the Customs House before that – host of the original “rubber ducky race” someone should bring that back! I remember launching water balloons at the contestants from our back yard!

  8. Chevy’s deck

  9. The Chevy’s restaurant in the complex that has the Lucky’s (formerly Albertsons)?

  10. Gina Federighi says:

    Is this Chevy’s?

  11. Erika Jahnke says:

    It is Chevy’s.

  12. I don’t know where it is, but that lady in the red sure looks like my Mom! I want to know who that is she’s having lunch with!

  13. BTW, I’m such a Chevy’s groupie, that I know this picture was taken prior to May, when they moved the cocktail tables (countertop height) to the back deck. I can also recite the featured margarita (watermelon right now), how frequently they change the menu (quarterly), and the names of at least 5 of the wait staff. I think I should win a Chevy’s gift certificate for my extensive knowledge of the FC Chevy’s. 😉

  14. SteveTinFC says:

    I’m way too late, I’m sure, but that’s DEFINITELY Chevy’s Restaurant at Edgewater Shopping Center.

  15. That is Chevy’s at the Edgewater shopping complex…the waterfront seating deck. Love dining there; but it gets a bit windy at times…

  16. Is it Chevy’s ?

  17. I think it’s my Dad! What the heck are they doing together!

  18. Of course, it’s Chevy’s

  19. Chevy’s on the water.

  20. I’m going with Chevy’s, based on the tasty-looking Margaritas!

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