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Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 15

I know, I know…it was too easy. It certainly does prove the point that Chevy’s is Foster City’s preeminent landmark though! If you don’t believe me just check out some of those comments on Friday. Great stuff! If anyone else would like to check in with significant Chevy’s memories (but it has to be the […]


The concept of an appraisal works like this…when a buyer purchases a home and gets a loan, their lender sends out an appraiser to verify the home’s value and make it safe for them to lend you money. In the very hot market we’ve just departed from, it seemed like homes appraised for whatever amount […]

Funky Foto Contest Week 15

Look familiar? I submit to you that it’s the most famous landmark in Foster City…it’s OK to argue that point too. Nothing like the water…it’s what makes Foster City so unique and wonderful. So, tell me…where and what is this place? Submit your answers in the comments below. All the rules of the road are […]

The Perfect Fixer Upper

            How about these before and after shots! Frequently, I’ll hear clients tell me that they would like a house that needs some work. They’ve heard, acurately, that buying a fixer upper is a great path toward building equity and thus maximizing their investment. The clients of mine that have […]

Open House Ads

OK, this may sound like a bit of a rant. (some of you are saying…”what else is new?”) Open House ads in the newspaper make me crazy. Last Friday morning I called the San Francisco Chronicle and placed an ad in the Sunday open home guide for a new listing of mine. During this process […]

Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 14

You know what? I drove by it 4 times this weekend, kept meaning to get out and run over and check out the plaque at the base of this sculpture to be able to give you it’s proper name…but I choked in the clutch! It’s a kid (a boy I think, Bill) sitting on the […]


It seems like everywhere I turn any more in Foster City I keep running into the local public access television station, FCTV. I see it in the Foster City Islander and I see it on-line and I saw their cameras out at the Arts & Wine Festival so I thought I’d comment on it. Turns […]

Funky Foto Contest Week 14

  No, it’s not some new and creative picnic table at Sea Cloud Park. What is it actually? That’s for you to determine. Definitely extra credit if you can call it by it’s given name, but I’m OK with just what it is and where it is. This week’s winner receives a $30.00 gift certificate […]

The Cat Lady

Ok, we’re going to go just a tad bit off of the Foster City and/or Real Estate topic today, but I was talking to Lydia about this yesterday and she said I should write a post about this…and she’s right. We have this cat named Obi, he’s a 10 year old gray and white character […]

Fun For The Entire Family

You’ve spent a ton of time getting ready for this big step. Hours and hours scouring the 1001 internet sites pertaining to Real Estate and home buying. You’ve been to Borders and bought books. You’ve talked about this with friends, co workers and your parents until you’re blue in the face. You search multiple online […]