Good Grades

Whenever I hear Realtors in the Mid Peninsula talk about property values and the current market sooner or later the subject of schools will enter the conversation and one of the most often repeated mantras is the excellence of the schools in San Carlos, Burlingame and Baywood School in San Mateo. Honestly, it’s rare for me to hear people touting Foster City schools…but they ought to because they’re uniformly excellent. Once again the State of California has released their Academic Performance Index (API) which is based on how well schools perform on a variety of tests. A score of 800 is considered excellent. Here’s how Foster City schools shake out versus the other areas:

Brewer Island (FC)       933

Baywood (SM)              928

Franklin (Bur)              924

Lincoln (Bur)               920

Foster City (FC)          919

Roosevelt (Bur)           910

Washington (Bur)        905

White Oaks (SC)          901

Arundel (SC)               897

Tierra Linda Mid (SC)   895

Bowditch Mid (FC)       880

Brittan Acres (SC)       879

Highlands (SM)           873

Audobon (FC)             861

Hmmm…Somehow I think Foster City not only is holding it’s own, but is in fact thriving when it comes to it’s schools. This is yet another factor in the preservation of value in real estate in this town.  



  1. Funny, I can honestly tell you, that every family we know (us included) will tell you they moved to Foster City because of the schools. All I ever hear about it how good the schools are here, and of course they are right! I’d love for some other families to chime in as I know they will echo my comments.

  2. No doubt about it, we moved because of the schools too. Just wish there was a High School.

  3. SteveTinFC says:

    Amen to that, Jennifer! We are overall pleased with the quality of education that our kids have received at Audubon and now at Bowditch Middle School. This comes from a set of parents that both grew up in a private Christian school, so “public schools” are a new experience for us. It’s just a shame that the San Mateo-Foster City School District is set up as a “revenue limit” district, which basically means that no matter what happens with property taxes and values, their annual revenues are limited based upon a state formula. That’s why SMFCSD is considered one of the ‘poorest’ districts financially in the County … each year, it struggles to balance its budget, since its revenues look at statewide revenue limits, not on the relative health of the local property tax rolls nor the cost of providing services (i.e., personnel costs, maintenance, supplies, etc). So even though it struggles, financially, it still posts some of the highest API scores in the County. Steve

  4. Julie Y says:

    It was a very big reason we moved here. I’m surprised to hear that some of you realtors don’t know about this fact.

  5. I’m actually kind of surprised too…and I really can’t explain it. I guess you have to spend time in this community to really learn the facts.

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