Funky Foto Contest Week 7

OK, it’s not really, really hard figuring out what this thing is for most of you, but who knows? I thought Durian was going to be hard and it was too easy. I think this’ll be too easy…but what do I know? Of course to make it a tad more challenging I also want to know where it is as well…specifically. This week’s winner will receive a $30.00 gift certificate to Fukuya Japanese Restaurant on Beach Park. All rules of the road are posted both above and on the left margin. Just click on comments below to make your answer. The winner and all other right answers will be posted on Monday. As usual, any and all silly and or semi obnoxious banter will be allowed, and published immediately, along with any amusing snide remarks and all wrong answers. Good luck!


  1. Kids Slide at Sea Cloud Park.

  2. I’ll bite… Boothbay Park slide?

  3. Nope

  4. Good Morning Jim, It’s a child’s triple slide at, I believe, Erckenbrack Park.

  5. Sorry Claudette, keep trying

  6. How about a child’s triple slide at the Foster City Pre-School Day Care in Charter Square?

  7. I love your tenacity Claudette!! Sorry, but still no.

  8. rowena says:

    Kid’s slide at Boothbay Park?

  9. Bill Hastings says:

    Slide at Boothbay Park.

  10. Dana Ferri says:

    Slide at Boothbay Park? (I know, I’m not eligible)

  11. I think it’s the slide at Boothbay Park.

  12. Ken Bidwell says:

    It’s a close up of the dragon’s tongue in “Enchanted”?

  13. Nothing like a driving desire to participate, huh Ken? Enchanted…hmmm.

  14. Erika Jahnke says:

    Boothbay Park?

  15. It’s the kids play area slide at Boothbay Park

  16. Michael says:

    Probably too late but kids slides at Marlin Park.

  17. Sorry Michael…Nope

  18. Jennifer says:

    Slides at Boothbay Park?

  19. Susan W says:

    The kids play area at Boothbay Park?

  20. Good Knowledge!

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