Funky Foto Contest Week 11

Has this contest been bugging you? (Bad joke again…but I couldn’t resist, sorry!) In this weeks funky foto I’m looking for not only what and where this is, but also what it’s called…it has a name. Here’s a little hint, if you go to the Art & Wine Festival you’ll be able to tell easily. All the rules of the game are on the left margin as well as the bar above. This week’s winner receives a $30.00 gift certificate to Round Table Pizza at the Marlin Cove Shopping Center. Just place your answer in the comments below, the winner will be named on Monday morning. I will publish any and all snide remarks, semi obnoxious and/or silly comments and, of course, all wrong answers. By the way if you want to purchase discounted carnival tickets  you have until 4:55 tonight. Tickets can be purchased at the Foster City Chamber of Commerce or at the Recreation Center. Click on the Chamber link above for more details. Have a great weekend!


  1. Now that you mention it, you Realtors really do bug me! You should use this as your logo!

  2. Like “I’ll keep bugging you until you sell or buy”. Not my style…but close?

  3. I think I like this bug better than alot of the Realtors I know!

  4. LOL…actually you may have a point!

  5. I swear, these photos get more obscure with each passing week!

  6. Erika Jahnke says:

    Three Girls Sitting On A Log in front of the Foster City Rec Center.

  7. Is it that Stilts thing again?

  8. Nope, sorry. Try again though!

  9. Susan Y says:

    It’s 3 girls on a log over by the rec center

  10. You said it was at the festival…I think I saw it crawling around in the booth serving the Hawaiian BBQ!

  11. That’s really gross! But actually I may have eaten it in a funnel cake now that I think about it!

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