A Good Vibe

Last week the City of Foster City had a groundbreaking ceremony for it’s impressive new teen center at 670 Shell. It’s appropriately called “The Vibe”. The teen center has been around for awhile but it’s been in those temporary buildings south of the rec center, but this new concept is really quite remarkable. The building will be 9566 square feet of fun and will include a skate park in addition to TV’s, computers, video games, art rooms, homework rooms,a kitchen and outdoor basketball courts. All this plus a good sized stage for bands plus a dance floor…all for about $6 million dollars. The current Vibe has been a popular destination for kids for quite some time and it’s not uncommon to see a couple of hundred kids over there on weekends…just imagine what it’ll be when it’s done! The concept of a teen center is really kind of foriegn to me. When I was a teen we certainly didn’t have anything even close to this…we just got somebody older than us to buy us beer and we hung out in the park., of course we were morons too!  I somehow suspect that “The Vibe” is a whole lot better environment than the one I had! Here’s a link to an Examiner story about the new Vibe: