Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 6

OK, stumping you folks is apparently impossible…but I’m still going to keep trying! The foto from Friday is the sculpture in Leo Ryan Park called “Stiltwalkers” and was actually nailed really early by Mr. Foster City himself, Steve Toler…but since he’s the Director of Administrative Services for Foster City he’s graciously recusing himself from winning the prize. It’s scary but I think Steve knows every pebble in every square foot of public space in town! Coming almost as fast with the correct answer…and winning the $30.00 gift certificate to Mr. Fongs is Jessica Morales of Foster City. Way to go Jessica!! I also want to thank Bill, Claudette, Erika, Linda, Ken, Jerry, Rowena and Doug, who also got it right! Come back this Friday, I’m getting the foto ready…and I’m hoping for a shutout!


  1. SteveinFC says:

    Every pebble? Gee, I don’t know about that. (Wait a minute, I just felt a disturbance in the Pebble Force! Who moved that Pebble on Shell?) Congratulations Jessica!!

    Jim — I guess you’re hoping for a shutout just as much as the Colorado Avalanche are hoping for a shutout of the Red Wings. Uhhh … good luck widdatt!



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