Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 5

Ranch 99

Wow! What a great job this week…19 people nailed Durian at 99 Ranch Market. The photo above is from Singapore’s public transportation system where the stinky Durian is actually banned. I really do think of Ranch 99 as a landmark, it’s always busy when I’m there, nobody has a better seafood selection and it’s certainly like nothing I ever saw growing up in Colorado! When out of town visitors come we take them to all the usual tourist spots, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Sausalito, Coit Tower…and Ranch 99. No Durians over at Safeway! Congratualtions to Craig McLaughlin of Foster City who arrived first with the correct answer. Craig, let me know where to send your Gift Certificate to Sweet Basil Thai Food. Thanks also go out to all the other people, 18 of them, who got it right!!! A small suggestion…you may want to subscribe via the RSS feed in the above right corner. You’ll be sent an update as soon as a post appears when we play again this coming Friday. Thanks again, my goal is to stump you…and I’ve got a long way to go!!


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