Funky Foto Contest Week 5

No, I’m not insane. A tad obscure maybe, but not insane. In today’s contest you’ll need to tell me two things…1) What is this? and, 2) Where is this? The where part is most certainly a Foster City landmark. As always, place your answers in the comments below, this weeks winner receives a $30.00 gift certificate to Sweet Basil Thai on Beach Park. I suspect that this week there could be plenty of opportunity for smart alecky comments and, of course, I will publish all of those plus most other frivolous banter and all wrong answers. All of the rules are published both above and on the left margins. The winner and all other right answers will be published on Monday morning. Good luck!


  1. Durian sold at Ranch 99 Market.

  2. Dana Ferri says:

    Probably some kind of frozen fish at Ranch 99 market. (I know, I know, I’m ineligible)

  3. Dana Ferri says:

    oooh, I just realized you gave away half of the answer in your photo title. If you double-click on the photo to enlarge it, it is titled “cropped-fruit.jpg”. 😉

  4. christine says:

    i’m guessing this is durian at Ranch 99 Market?

  5. Jennifer says:

    Is that durian fruit at Ranch 99 Market on Foster City Blvd? Don’t know if Ranch 99 could be considered a landmark though. Hmmm…now that I look at it, they might be sea creatures of some sort caught off Foster City waterways/lagoons????

  6. These are “durians” in the fruit section of Ranch 99.

  7. Ranch 99. That really does seem to be a landmark to me! Since it’s frozen I’m guessing it’s some kind of Turtle?

  8. Nice try guys…but no

  9. SteveTinFC says:

    I guess fresh-frozen sea urchin at 99 Ranch Market.

  10. this is durian! in a ranch 99 freezer

  11. Sort of reminds me of the back of your head, sort of wierd!

  12. It’s not anywhere near as big as my head…but nice try. It also appears that we’ve stumped Mr. Toler on his first week back in competition!

  13. I believe those are (smelly) durian fruit at Ranch 99

  14. I’m sure I’m too late.
    Frozen Durian at Ranch 99.

  15. It’s Durian fruit, and it can be purchased at 99 Ranch market.

  16. Chengyong Yang says:

    It’s Durian, sold at Ranch 99 on Foster City Blvd.

  17. It’s a durian fruit at 99 Ranch.

  18. Thomas W says:

    They’re frozen Tribbles. Star Trek 1970

  19. Actually it was 1967 (I checked!) But good guess!

  20. These are frozen durians in a freezer at Ranch 99 market.

  21. It’s Durian fruit over at Ranch 99

  22. They are called durian, some kind of fruit grow in Southeast Asia. They are at Ranch 99 market.

  23. Sophia Huang says:

    it’s durian fruit (frozen kind) at ranch 99.

  24. I knew that I had seen it at Ranch 99 … it’s a Duran … a type of fruit.

  25. Erika Jahnke says:

    Is it a Durian at Ranch 99????

  26. frozen durian at Ranch 99. The flesh of the fruit is an acquired taste.

  27. This looks like the Durian fruit but not sure where.

  28. Amazing! I’m not sure the response would have been this large if I took a shot of City Hall, front view! Great job!

  29. Frances Ng says:

    This is Durian. They are in the freezer of the Ranch 99 Market.

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