Funky Foto Contest Week 3

Week4 Funky Foto Clue

This weeks contest is a little different. The goal here is to name the condo/townhouse project represented in this picture. I want the exact name of it too. For me, and I know most other Realtor types, this is incredible easy. The good news is that the rules state that all those other Realtor types can’t participate! I’m not sure how easy it’ll be for everybody else…we’ll see! No question it’s a landmark, as this type of roof…and it’s color is not that common. All the rules & regs are available to see on the bar above or on the left margin. This week we’re giving away a $35.00 gift certificate to Turtle Bay in the Metro Center…my favorite Foster City restaurant. As at all times in the past, enter your answer in the comments below. I won’t publish the correct answer until Monday morning but I will publish all smart alecky comments, gentle ribbing, silly banter and all incorrect answers. Thanks again for playing!


  1. Silvia N says:

    Is it the Red Roof Inn in Burlingame?

  2. Umm…no sorry. It’s actually a Foster City thing. Try again

  3. Erika Jahnke says:

    Is it “Cityhomes” by Safeway?

  4. Christine says:

    Is it the roof of the CityHomes Townhouse complex?

  5. Julie Q says:

    Is it Foster City School?

  6. Sorry Julie, FC school does have that red roof…nice try! It’s a townhouse project though.

  7. City Homes East/West

  8. Michael says:

    I’m ineligible but it’s Cityhomes.

  9. Dana Ferri says:

    Reminds me of Raji & Nancy Haddad’s condo over on Albacore Lane. Wish I knew the name of the condo project though…

  10. Cityhomes on Shell Blvd ?

  11. Dana Ferri says:

    I want to change my guess… ;-P
    Is it CityHomes North/South out by Metro Center?

  12. Dana Ferri says:

    sorry (morning brain) Cityhomes West, not North/South
    neighborhood: Town Center

  13. Chengyong Yang says:

    Look like roof of foster city city home behind Wells Fargo.

  14. Ron Smocula says:

    It’s City Homes behind the Safeway

  15. This comes naturally easy for me, it’s the Cityhomes cluster of townhomes! Wait, wait, is that one of my windows? 🙂

  16. It’s the roofs of cityhomes

  17. Definitely too easy this week!

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