First of all, congratulations to all three people who correctly named Week 1’s “Funky Foto” as being in the Dog Park in Foster City at Bounty and Foster City Blvd. The first correct answer came from Steve Toler in Foster City…and possibly he was aided just a tad since he works for the City. Way to go, Steve!! (At least he can’t play again for another 4 weeks.) Thanks also to Erika and Michael who also choose correctly…get ready guys for the next photo this Friday – March 28th!

Secondly, we made it to the Final Four in the VARBuzz Real Estate Blog Brawl! It’s really incomprehensible and certainly I owe it all to you guys for voting for this blog! Thank you very much! This round we’re up against a fantastic blog from the Detroit area… Your continued support is very much appreciated, please help this little blog into the Finals! You can vote here up till midnight on March 26th:


Thanks again!! Go FosterCityBlog!!


  1. There once was a “young” man from Denver,
    who wrote on his blog thru December.
    His wife he ignored,
    his kids they were bored,
    him on the computer is all they’ll remember!!

    Seriously we are proud of you, Jim, and your hard work for us.
    Congratulations honey, on getting to the “Fanatic four”,
    I mean the “Final Four”!!

    (“young” – our dear Jim turns the BIG 5 0 this wedn, the 26th of March!)

  2. Oh, brother…

    I think that’s as much as I should say politically.

  3. Happy 50th Jim! You are now in my FABULOUS age group! Who was that witty rhyme writer?? Sounds like she may know you well!!

    Much love to you on your BIG birthday and successful new blog career!

    See you ALL soon – I hope 🙂


  4. Lydia Leibs - Jim's Asst. says:

    There once was an agent named Jim
    It’s great to be working for him
    Though his desk is a mess
    I have to confess
    That his brain is not nearly as grim.

    And now that his blog is online
    It seems that he loves to opine
    Ideas are flowing
    That are truly worth knowing.
    And his sale stats continue to shine.

    Today Jim will reach the big fifty
    And his job he still feels is quite nifty
    His clients adore him
    He does so much for them
    Despite my advice to be thrifty.

    And though he is off for the day.
    From his blog he just couldn’t stay away.
    So be a good reader
    Subscribe to his feeder.
    And vote for his blog – don’t delay!

    Happy Birthday Jim !! Lydia

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