Friday’s Funky Foto Week 1


Since it’s Friday I figured we ought to have some fun. Beginning today I’m going to have a contest to see who can successfully spot various obscure Foster City landmarks; we’ll do this every Friday from now on. You’ll find today’s goofy object above…to win the contest you need to be the first person to tell me exactly where this little gem is located by making a comment to this post. “In Foster City” doesn’t count. For the first person to reply correctly I’ve got a $30.00 gift certificate to dine at Chalet Ticino over at Charter Square in Foster City…a nice lunch for 2. I’m not going to publish the correct answers until Monday, but the first correct answer wins. I do promise to publish any and all humorous retorts, gentle ribbing and all wrong answers. Check out all of the rules by clicking the tab at the top of this page or on the left margin. Have fun, and Oh, By the Way…don’t forget to vote for me again in the Blog Brawl. I’m now in the Elite 8 and my esteemed opponent, a really great lady by the name of Cindy Jones in Virginia, is posting a page depicting herself knocking out a bottle of Foster’s lager (I guess that must be us!). Let’s not let her get away with that! See for yourself:

Just scroll down a little bit and you’ll find the voting booth link. Go California!


  1. David L. says:

    This is indeed obscure. Any hints?

  2. Not yet…maybe later

  3. SteveTinFC says:

    This is the metal sculpture at the Foster City Dog Park (officially still known as “Boat Park”) located at the corner of Bounty Drive and Foster City Blvd. .

    So is the rust from the rain, oxidation, or is it from the dogs … well… you know… !!

    So what’s on the Chalet Ticino’s menu!! 🙂


  4. Can it be Seal Point Dog Park on 3rd Ave?

  5. Nada, nice try though

  6. Is this the modern day version of “Where’s Waldo?” Pretty fun, too bad I haven’t been paying enough attention while driving through Foster City. Can’t wait to know the answer and thanks for offering up a fun and unique contest, and drawing me in to the blog brawl. Maybe you can set up a boxing ring and gloves at Farragut Park and show those Virginians how us Californians do it!

  7. Richard C. Williamson says:

    RUSTY!!!!! Oh my gosh Jim! Where did you find him?!?! I was out walking him 15 years ago and got a call from a client which distracted me. While I took down a few notes during my call I said “Stay” to Rusty. I kept walking and didn’t notice until escrow closed 45 days later that little Rusty, our family mutt, was no longer with me. Apparently I caught him during an awkward moment and the obedient little pooch has been waiting ever since.I am elated at finding him again…..he looks a bit stiff but just as cheerful as ever.

  8. Ken Bidwell says:

    No hint at all? How about what part of town it’s in? Anything!

  9. Sorry, maybe tomorrow. Take a shot, who knows? You might get it!

  10. The Dog Park on Foster City Blvd.

  11. Is this the Dog Park/Run by the water on Foster City Blvd and Bounty Dr.?

  12. Ken Bidwell says:

    This thing looks like it’s lifting it’s leg on that hydrant, nice! I’m guessing in front of Boditch Middle School?

  13. Sorry, keep trying…it’s sort of like a scavenger hunt!

  14. Trisha D says:

    It looks like it’s near the tennis courts by The Vibe…near Leo Ryan Park/FC Rec Center?

  15. Sorry Trisha…but no. The right awnswers are coming in a couple of hours.

  16. Great job Steve! You got it first!

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