Friday’s Funky Foto Contest Week 2


OK, here it is. Today’s strange and wonderful foto. For the uninitiated, every Friday we have a contest where you need to identify the object in a featured photo of some obscure Foster City landmark or oddity. Today’s winner gets a $30.00 gift certificate for lunch or dinner at ABC Seafood located at the Metro Center Shopping area. In order to win you must identify two things…Where is this thing? and What is this thing? Just place your answer in the comments below. All the rules are available both at the top of this page and on the left margin. I won’t publish the correct answer, or answers, until Monday but I will publish gentle ribbing, overt kidding around and all wrong answers. First person to identify it correctly wins! Go for it!


Thanks to all of you I’ve moved into the Finals of the 2008 Varbuzz Blog Brawl!! Now’s our chance to really put Foster City on the national blogging map. In this round we’re up against some tough competition from Texas…the dreaded! You can help this little blog win it all by casting your vote here:


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Thank you very much!! Go Foster City Blog!!


  1. I’ll take a shot at this – I think it is the structure above the amphitheater in Leo Ryan park.

  2. It’s at the Metro Center by Safeway. Between buildings by the big tower?

  3. Nope, sorry! Try again

  4. It’s an awning over the garage at Parkside Towers?

  5. That sure sounds good…but no. Keep trying.

  6. SteveTinFC says:

    I know I’m forbidden to win anymore, but that is the grid above the stage at the Leo Ryan Park Amphitheatre!! You’re welcome! 🙂

  7. Stephanie Finn says:

    It is the overhead racks above the circular amphitheatre in Leo Ryan Park.

  8. Stephanie Finn says:

    Clarification – the racks overhead of the performance pit area in Leo Ryan Park.

  9. I see you broke into my home and took a picture of my quasi-futuristic ceiling. I require a $1 per viewing royalty. My people will contact your people.

  10. Umm…I like selling houses and all, but I think I’ll pass on yours. I don’t have a stager that good!

  11. HMM,Is it by Safeway? Not sure what it is
    I know I’ve seen it
    Not sure

  12. Thanks Radhika…but no. Keep thinking about it and try again

  13. Sean Ferri says:

    Is it the new amphitheatre out at Leo Ryan Park?

  14. Judy Chan says:

    It’s a cover over the entrance to Foster City School?

  15. Sorry Judy! Not a bad guess though

  16. I forgot to check this on Friday and I am sure I am too late, but it is the overhang on the outdoor pavilion at Leo Ryan park.

  17. Good job guys!! Congrats to Michael!

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