Blog Brawl-Update

Blog Brawl

Incredibly, I won again! This is all because of you folks too! Thank you very much!!

Well, here we go again…into the Elite 8! This round is a truly outstanding blog from Virginia, who my assistant accidently insulted.(She didn’t mean it Cindy, honest!) Everybody in Virginia is bound to be lining up to support her now!  Please help this little Cinderella story move on to the Final Four! (Amazing!) Click the link below and vote for one choice in each zone. You can only vote once per IP address…but vote often from multiple computors! Go Fostercityblog!


Thanks again!! Voting ends on Sunday at 9:00PM Pacific time…I’ll let you know how it turns out.


  1. Thomas Wu says:

    This is hilarious! Good luck, I’m hoping you’ll be named the best blog in Virginia!

  2. Hey, I saw “the Housechick”. Both cute and smart, and a ballerina to boot! You’re in trouble!!!

  3. Ken Bidwell says:

    National Media attention for a blog? You’ve got to be kidding.

  4. I agree, it’s sort of funny, huh? Here’s a link to an LA Times story on Real Estate Blogging. We actually beat Athol Kay in the last round:,0,1437518.story

  5. Incredibly, I won again!! Now comes the elite 8…and another post is coming!

  6. Oh let it be over!! This is consuming him more than the Denver Broncos in the playoffs. Well, maybe not that much…but still!!

    -the “brawling blogger’s” other half

  7. Lydia Leibs - Jim's Asst. says:

    Well at least he’s figured out a way to blame me if he doesn’t win this round – just because I didnt understand the sports reference to our blog as being the Cinderella contender and asked our competition if that meant they were the Ugly Stepsister. But I have to admit it’s been really exciting seeing all the support. Vote early. Vote often.

    – Jim’s Asst. (and blog architect)

  8. Lydia Leibs - Jim's Asst. says:

    Woo hoo!! We’ve made it to the Final Four. And the next round of voting will end on March 26th — which just happens to be Jim’s 50th birthday. Keep those votes coming in!

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