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Village SquareVillage Square

Village SquareThe basic design for the new downtown area in the 15 acre-Village Square site was unveiled last week at a Planning Commission study session and was met with rave reviews (how about that!) from both folks in attendance as well as from Commissioners. The model shown was a revision of one produced earlier and this one features much taller residential towers, up to 14 stories in some places, yet opens up clear site-lines along many key corridors. The center of the main plaza will have a pavilion that could be used as a restaurant. Now that the basis design is a go the architecture of the buildings will begin to be developed. It’s hoped that construction could begin by the summer of 2009. Here’s a link to more about this:



  1. One interesting note – what happens to the fair and the rides once this is built?

    Do you know anything of the Post Office issue that they no longer recognize 94404 as Foster City anymore?

  2. Good question about the fair…I’m sure that’ll be an important question for the kids, huh! It will be for mine! I’ll find out and report back.
    As far as the zip code…typical bureaucratic kookiness on the USPS part. Foster City has been trying to get a separate zip code to replace 94404. The Vice mayor, John Kiramis wrote this piece that’s on the City Hall web page:

    It’s probably a matter of time.

  3. I saw today that the City selected a name for the project…(drumroll) Parkview Plaza!! I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more coverage about it in the future.

  4. I saw a list of potential names in the FC Islander today…zillions of them it seemed! Parkview Plaza was pretty much as good as any.

  5. I think that whatever it is called, it will be an exciting addition to Foster City. We’ve been following the process very closely for the past year or two and love how the designed keeps on getting refined from the original design and even that of the March 10th design that you show here. Thanks to the diligence of our City Council and Planning Commission, it will be a new part of Foster City that each of us should be very proud of.

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