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Funky Foto Contest Winner Week 2

Congratulations to Michael Sit of Foster City who won this weeks Foto Contest! Way to go Micheal!…He got there real early too. Of course the picture is the metal overhang above the amphitheater stage at Leo Ryan Park. Also thank you very much to everyone who participated and especially to Sean, Erika ,Stephanie and Steve […]

Condos & Townhouses

Nowhere on the Peninsula is there a community boasting as many large condo/townhouse projects as does Foster City. I’ve actually sort of procrastinated about writing a post about this market segment because it’s shear vastness makes it a bit of a struggle trying to consolidate all of it’s facts into a coherent report on how […]

Friday’s Funky Foto Contest Week 2

OK, here it is. Today’s strange and wonderful foto. For the uninitiated, every Friday we have a contest where you need to identify the object in a featured photo of some obscure Foster City landmark or oddity. Today’s winner gets a $30.00 gift certificate for lunch or dinner at ABC Seafood located at the Metro […]

Single Family Update

Foster City’s market for single famly houses had a good month in March so far. Of the 11 pending sales 9 of them sold this month. As expected, Cliff Wong from Coldwell Banker’s listing on Crane (pictured above) sold with multiple offers yesterday and the Prudential listing at 800 Marlin got 8 offers last week. […]

Statistic Quo

Sometimes it’s interesting to look at numbers and statistics because they often provide really wonderful answers to the negativity we’re frequently exposed to in the mainstream media. Here’s alot of hard data that demonstrates where we are right now…and where we’ve been. Recent data distributed by Realtytrac, a company that compiles data on home foreclosures […]


First of all, congratulations to all three people who correctly named Week 1’s “Funky Foto” as being in the Dog Park in Foster City at Bounty and Foster City Blvd. The first correct answer came from Steve Toler in Foster City…and possibly he was aided just a tad since he works for the City. Way […]

The Lowdown on a Lowball

I have this new listing in San Mateo, it’s a little 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo on El Camino which I put on the market on Thursday. It’s priced competitively (honest!) at $415,000. There’s two other units just like it on the market right now, a more upgraded place for $449,000 and a short sale […]

Friday’s Funky Foto Week 1

Since it’s Friday I figured we ought to have some fun. Beginning today I’m going to have a contest to see who can successfully spot various obscure Foster City landmarks; we’ll do this every Friday from now on. You’ll find today’s goofy object above…to win the contest you need to be the first person to […]

Who’s Your City?

A couple of years ago the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote a book called “The World is Flat” in which he asserts that thanks to the advance of technology the global playing field has been leveled and thus whatever prizes are out there can be had by any of us no matter where […]

Renter’s Insurance – Is It Worth the Cost?

As an insurance professional, I am asked often about renter’s insurance.  Usually, it is followed by, “isn’t it expensive?”  The short answer?  No.  An average renter’s insurance policy is only about $15 per month.  What is expensive, is not having renter’s insurance.  As a college student some moons ago, I had my apartment broken into twice in […]