Not a Mausoleum Anymore!

Parkside TowersSince it was finished in 2002 the Parkside Towers project has been known, to me at least, as the Inktomi Mausoleum. This great big building sat looking awfully empty and sad since Inktomi disappeared, and for awhile I was afraid it’s only tenant was going to be Baja Fresh! (Just kidding!). Well, the building management and their agents have worked really hard and have filled the place. IBM should be moving in as of March and the lions share of the property is being filled by online personal assistant creator Rearden Commerce. This means that 400,000 sqft of office space is going to be filled up and this is yet another reason to feel positive about the Foster City economy and it’s effect on home values. For more info on this topic check out this link:



  1. Wait a minute! Gilman Screens and Kitchens was there early on too. The Chamber of Commerce not too long thereafter. That’s about 2000 out of 400,000 of those square feet. Real Pioneers!

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