Foster City Restaurants

FoodWhen the most famous restaurant in your town is Chevy’s, then maybe your town could use some new restaurants. I actually really like that Chevy’s too, and we go there alot. The waterfront location can’t be beat, but can you imagine thinking of a Chevy’s when you think of restaurants in San Mateo or San Carlos? Even Redwood City has a number of new, good restaurants! Turtle Bay, in my opinion is really excellent. I’m crazy about the “Lazy” Dungeness Crab and their Cioppino! I’ve had some great meals at Kobe in Edgewater Place and ABC Seafood too…I just wish there were more like them. How about you? Wouldn’t it be great to see something like San Carlos’ “Town” or San Mateo’s Kingfish or Ristorante Capellini in Foster City? 


  1. Yes, Foster City could use a good health food restaurant or store. How about a vegetarian or organic foods restaurant?? The whole peninsula lacks in this area.
    Also, Nice blog you have here!

  2. I couldn’t agree more, in fact my wife was just saying the same thing earlier today. You two are clearly cut from the same cloth!

  3. Hi Jim
    I wish there was more restaurants in our lovely Foster City
    We have beautiful land near the Jewish Community center- We heard there is a proposed plan for additional restaurants and shopping
    Any truth to this rumor?
    Sunil and Radhika

  4. I’ve never understood why Foster City couldn’t attract good, white table cloth restaurants. San Mateo sure can! I’m sure there’s a market here for it. Maybe the lack of a real downtown area hampers that development? Let’s hope the Village Square thing changes things!

  5. Wade Collins says:

    Compared to West L.A., FC and the peninsula in general are really lacking. Now towns like San Mateo have some great formal restaurants. But the area lacks even in basic comfort food, no delis,no real barbecue joints, too much of the cuisine leans on Asian varieties, which is fine but limited. As far as Foster City, it has the variety & level of cuisine you might expect in a Palmdale or Modesto. A place where “restaurant row” consists of a series of second-tier franchise family restaurants. Not even 1 little breakfast cafe, instead we get I-Hop. Someone else brought it up but there seems to be little interest in health food around here as well. This reminds me of the kind of place where the local weekly paper announces the “reader’s choice” for best pizza place and it’s Pizza Hut.

  6. I love these comments Wade! Great stuff! I’m crazy about the line about the local paper’s reader’s choice being Pizza Hut.Here’s the sad reality…in Foster City it could be entirely true that Pizza Hut IS the best! If not then is it Round Table or Waterfront? Foster City is in desparate need of some good grub…and I believe it can support it. FYI, try Nick’s Deli in San Mateo or Beli Deli in Belmont. They’re both real good. As for BBQ, nobody has good BBQ in this whole state! We visit my wife’s family occasionally in Memphis…that’s Heaven for BBQ.

  7. Wade Collins says:

    Right you are Jim I spent a year on a work project in the mid-south. Now that’s some barbecue down there.:)

  8. I saw that you are giving away a gift certificate to Sweet Basil for that Foto Contest. That’s a really great place, we love it there! The food’s terrific and it seems like there’s always a line. It’s becoming really popular.

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