API’s for Foster City Schools

Dept of EducationIn September when the California Department of Education released the results of it’s STAR testing program several local schools measured very well on the scale called the Academic Performance Index(API). The API’s are a useful way to measure success in a given school and Foster City did extraordinarily well. I think it’s important to note that there are many other factors that make a good school, such as 1) Administration and Teachers, 2) Parental Involvement, 3) Facilities and 4) School specific programs. It’s amusing to me since many people I run into in Real Estate speak in reverential terms of the San Carlos schools and Baywood School in San Mateo as being the greatest things since sliced bread. Here’s an article that was in the San Mateo Daily Journal today about Baywood School:


Well, below are the API’s for Foster City Schools in comparison to San Mateo and San Carlos Schools.

Audobon School…857

Brewer Island School…923

Foster City School…912

Baywood School (SM)…930

Beresford School(SM)…792

Fiesta Gardens(SM)…762

George Hall(SM)…740






Brittan Acres(SC)…882


White Oaks(SC)…902

How about Middle Schools…Bowditch out performed all of the San Mateo middle schools, did better than Central Middle in San Carlos and was slightly under Terra Linda Middle in San Carlos.

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