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Pilgrim-Triton Project

This is the second large scale development under way in Foster City that will bring about even more change to this town in the coming years. The project will allow mixed commercial, industrial and residential uses on almost 21 acres. The proposal includes replacing approximately 289,000 square feet of commercial space in existing 1 and […]

Not a Mausoleum Anymore!

Since it was finished in 2002 the Parkside Towers project has been known, to me at least, as the Inktomi Mausoleum. This great big building sat looking awfully empty and sad since Inktomi disappeared, and for awhile I was afraid it’s only tenant was going to be Baja Fresh! (Just kidding!). Well, the building management […]

Relentless Negativity…or Not?

It’s always seemed to me that the local media has had an overwhelming rain of negativity onto almost every Real Estate story it’s done for several years now. They were breathlessly awaiting the “bubble” bursting…in 1998! Here’s a few gems of collective media wisdom : Houses cost too much for the mass market. Today’s average […]

15 Acre Site-Village Square

On Sunday afternoon I was driving to visit a friend of mine in Burlingame and I made the incredibly poor decision to stop by Peet’s Coffee in downtown San Mateo for a latte. Do you suppose I could find a parking place? I drove around and around for 20 minutes or more and after deciding […]

Flood Insurance

Way back in 2001 FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) rewrote their flood zone maps and included the Shoreview and Sunnybrae neighborhoods in San Mateo…and as a result the residents there were forced to purchase flood insurance. FEMA conducted studies that concluded some risk for flooding could come from Bay tidal flows or from four or more streams carrying rain […]

Conforming Loan Limits

As you’ve undoubtedly been made aware, Congress has passed an economic stimulus package that, among other things gives checks for $600.00 to many individuals and $1200.00 to many couples. This story got lots of press last week and was signed by the President earlier today. What seemed to have gotten lost a bit in this package, at least […]

Is Staging worth it?

In the past 5 to 7 years the phenomenon of staging has become a big part of selling a house in this area and as the market softens the question of it’s value will inevitably come up. My answer to this question is, yes…if you want top dollar for your home. The concept of staging […]

Foster City Restaurants

When the most famous restaurant in your town is Chevy’s, then maybe your town could use some new restaurants. I actually really like that Chevy’s too, and we go there alot. The waterfront location can’t be beat, but can you imagine thinking of a Chevy’s when you think of restaurants in San Mateo or San […]

Common mistakes made by Buyers

Having alot of experience at any given thing usually means that we’ve survived the consequences of whatever mistakes we’ve made. After almost 20 years of being in Real Estate I can honestly say that I’ve survived my share and I’ve also learned from the education I’ve received from many clients and friends who have shared […]


I think there isn’t a subject that comes up about Foster City as commonly as the subject of Landfill does. The town was essentially created in the early 1960’s from the marshland that was Brewer’s Island and 14 million cubic yards of material were deposited there to create the basis of what now is Foster […]