Neighborhood #4–Boats or Boat Parts

Bayfront Court & Sand HarborIn this neighborhood south of Foster City Blvd we have a few waterfront homes on Corsair & Clipper, non waterfront single family houses, 2 story townhouses (some with water views) and condos with both waterfrontage and water views. This area is bounded on both the north and southeast sides by lagoon, on the northeast side by Foster City Blvd and on the west by Shell Blvd. The neighborhood includes the Marlin Cove Shopping Center (Re/Max Today!), Ketch Park and open space adjacent to the Belmont Slough. In addition there are the large condo projects of Marina Point and Sand Harbor and the newer townhouse project of Bayfront Court. Here’s a peak at this project:

Neighborhood #4 has been popular because of it’s ease of access and it’s proximity to both shopping and recreation on the Bay Trail. Bayfront Court benefits from being one of the newer projects in town (1995) in addition to it’s water location.

Many prospective buyers have commented on the higher than usual Association Dues (almost $500.00 per month) at Marina Point.


  1. Thank you, Jim for the fostercityblog and a nice description of my neighborhood #4. I really appreciate this beautiful city and the convient location of shopping, worshipping and close proximity to library and rereation center. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Annie! I’m really glad you like it!

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