Neighborhood #2–Birds

Bay TrailThe Bird streets in Neighborhood #2, as did Neighborhood #1, have waterfront and non waterfront single family homes, townhouses, condos and is bound by the lagoon on the west, the Bay on the east and between Hillsdale Blvd to Marlin Ave. The neighborhood includes the waterfront islands of Surfbird Isle and Shearwater Isle. It also includes Audobon School, the waterfront Gull Park, plus Killdeer and Turnstone Parks. In addition there is the Bay Vista Townhouses as well as an additional version of Neighborhood #1’s Treasure Isle.

Maybe the key feature in Neighborhood #2 is it’s proximity to the Bay and the popular bike and exercise Bay Trail that runs the lenght of town on the SF Bay side. For more info:

Some homeowners and others, including home inspectors, have reported that Neighborhood #2 has had issues with Foundation related problems and with Aircraft noise as it’s historically been under the SFO flight pattern. Some streets on the northern most portion of this neighborhood also have had noise related issues regarding Highway 92. There are many wonderful homes in this neighborhood and it’s features have great value but I would recommend any property purchased here have an engineer’s inspection.

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