Neighborhood #1–Famous Ships

Wide Water Homes. Neighborhood #1 is an area whose theme is Famous Ships and that includes single family, townhouses, condos and apartments bound by the Foster City lagoon on the east and south as well as Foster City Blvd and Hillsdale Blvd.  The neighborhood includes the waterfront islands on Flying Cloud Isle, Flying Mist Isle and Shooting Star Isle. It also includes the waterfront Erckenbrack Park and Brewer Island School. In addition the Treasure Isle townhouse project and the Admiralty condos are in Neighborhood #1 along with Foster City’s few duplexes that exist on Comet Drive.

Waterfront living has long been one of the primary draws to living in Foster City and the “Isles” provide wonderful exposure, to both wide and narrow water. It’s been said as well that this neighborhood is the most convenient to the new Peninsula Jewish Community Center and what will undoubtedly be the heart of the new Foster City downtown when the Village Square project debuts on 11 acres of land next to City Hall.

Some homeowners have noted that the flight patterns for incoming aircraft into San Francisco International Airport have gradually been encroaching into this part of Foster City and noise levels here have reportedly been increasing.


  1. lWe moved to Foster City from the Shoreview area in San Mateo, mainly so our daughter could live in a safe neighborhood and get a good education. We live near Faragut park, which is a beautiful waterfront park and there are days when I walk the neighborhood and feel as though I’m living in a resort. We feel blessed to live in such a beautiful area. And our hopes and expectations for our daughters education have been met. Our daughter attended Brewer Island elementary and is now at Bowditch middle school. She has been getting a great education and Brewer Island opened the door for her to get involved in musical theater which has been a completely enriching experience for her. We have known Jim Minkey for over 15 years. He is one of the most honest and knowledgeable people I’ve had the honor of knowing. It is great to read his blog and find out more information about Foster City. I agree the only thing lacking in this beautiful area is a downtown place to congregate and really feel a sense of community.

  2. We’ve seen Jessica perform in several productions. Most recently in Suessical and Bye, Bye Birdie. She’s fantastic!

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