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There was another type of crack shot that I almost used here (funnier!) but I figured I should stay on topic. Open houses are an amazing experience for me. It's really astonishing, from my perspective that is, the kind of questions I get as well as the depth … Read More...

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man's foot about to slip on banana peel


So as you've undoubtedly gathered by reading this blog, as well as others over the years, Real Estate is a pretty kooky business and just about anything can happen. Often....those things are unique. This post is sort of … Read More...



Probably as long as there has been a multiple offer environment there have been folks interested in finding a way around that kind of competition. Totally understandable really. Typically, the agent who is selling the … Read More...


Bubble Schmubble

OK, I'm officially over it. I'm sick to death of hearing about "The Bubble" and how it's certain to burst. For those of you harping on this out there...GET OVER IT! What we're experiencing here ain't no freakin bubble. … Read More...


Real Estate Made Easy…or Not.

  OK, this rant has been coming for quite some's been brewing for years as a matter of fact. It's finally arrived! Once upon a time we took vacations and other trips by calling travel agents or we used … Read More...


Ebbing and Flowing

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what the meaning of this pic is...but it's really pretty cool. Plus, if I do just a little mental gymnastics I can make it fit the Ebb and Flow imagery. This year started with a bang. … Read More...